Mortar for retail and project

Global Union introduces an array of products for developing and maintaining your homes and buildings as well as for large-scale property development projects. This product series is available for all kinds of instant cements, from thin-bed adhesive, plaster, skim coat, to tile adhesive.

Mortar & Semen Modifikasi with added value

DuroMix offers a complete solution of home improvements with various advantages in its product line.


This product provides ultimate protections against water leakage for both building interior and exterior.

Compound for any purposes

This product offers special formula for reinforcing, filling, and repairing cracks as well as pipes and missing areas.

Thinbed = [kolom customer] : 13 m2

Finishing coat = [kolom customer] : 16 m2

Plaster = [kolom customer] : 3 m2

Render = [kolom customer] : 8 m2

Tile Adhesive = [kolom customer] : 8 m2

Skim Coat = [kolom customer] : 16 m2

Floor Screed = [kolom customer] : 3 m2

Beton = [kolom customer] : 0,024 (daya sebar)

Concrete Repair = [kolom customer] : 0,025 (daya sebar)

Non Shrink Grout = [kolom customer] : 0,013 (daya sebar)

Smart Wall = [kolom customer] : 13 m2

Tile on Tile = [kolom customer] : 8 m2

Tile Grout = [kolom customer] : 5 m2

Concrete Compound = [kolom customer] : 150 m2

Waterproofing = [kolom customer] : 2 m2

Multi Adhesive = [kolom customer] : 8 m2

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