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Jakarta, duroindonesia.co.id

Since beginning of March 2016, Duro Industri Indonesia has started its free commissioning process for mortar products, attended by mechanics from Italy. Despite the stage, the company is overrun by lots of purchase orders for Global Union products. President Director, Mr. Lintang Eumanda Rufwan says this is beyond expectation, and he hopes this will be a good start.

"Alhamdulillah, this is very good. All commissioning products are sold out by Global Union. In spite of weak development of buildings and residential recently, but in the near future, the development will grow rapidly, especially in Jabodetabek area."

As quoted by business.com, property consultant Cushman & Wakefield announced that in 2016, the increasing demands in residential occur in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. In 2015 and 2016, new government policies have been set to increase the loan to value (LTR) ratio, as much as 80% for first property, then 70% and 60% respectively for the second and third one.

Besides mortar, the factory which situated in Bojonegara, Cilegon also produces compound, paint, and waterproofing as a total solution for your building requirement.

Jakarta, duroindonesia.co.id

PT. Duro Industri Indonesia (DII) is the first macloner company in Indonesia who offers partnership system publicly to its partners, through media as well as direct selling.

According to DII Vice President, Sitti Humairahc Rufwan, partnership system shows the awareness of DII to the development and the importance of product quality in Indonesia.

"The competition in Indonesia is very high with more than 99 mortar brands, all with price variance. We are focusing on quality, because that is more important for development of buildings and residential in our own country. If all suppliers compete by declining the price, then it will automatically be reducing the quality, so we can not guarantee the quality of buildings in Indonesia."

"We have been conducting research for more than three years in mortar and related sectors, especially in lightweight concrete, ceramics, waterproofing, compound, and paint. Demand for lightweight concrete is increasing rapidly, but the competition is not fair due to price war. This affects the small businesses."

"Thus, we see this as an opportunity to make partnership with them. We provide premium quality, ready-to-sell products with their own brand, give long-term technical and non-technical support, so they just have to sell the products. Hopefully, they can run their business again, and make profit for other related sectors. This is also becoming our support in fulfilling corporate social responsibility program."